My Teaching Philosophy

My greatest pleasure in the teaching role is facilitating students’ abilities to achieve their own unique vision.

In my classes, I enjoy sharing my perspective as an artist, a designer, and a student of materials and processes, while incorporating each student’s talent and interest.  There is no "right way," but rather many alternative approaches, techniques, and tools!

In the studio's "Inspiration Corner," we gather to share ideas and solutions, and find additional input from a wide variety of magazines, books, pottery samples, videos and the internet. Experimentation is always encouraged.

Happenstance is a powerful force in the studio. 

Often the catalyst for new directions, happenstance can turn a project upside down, forcing the artist’s hand, or opening their eyes to an entirely new assortment of options. Sometimes, a "happy accident" becomes a treasured piece of work.

Many who join a class find it relaxing to immerse themselves in the process, away from the stresses and strains of daily responsibilities. Let the clay be your personal therapist!

The social connection of being part of a Group Class can be uplifting and great fun, as we enjoy each others’ work and conversations.  Alternatively, Private or Semi-Private Classes allow for deeper focus into particular pursuits, such as learning to use the potter’s wheel. For private groups and special occasions, I also offer Clay Parties, where participants can enjoy a fun activity exploring clay with friends or family. 

Age is never a predictor of capability or enjoyment. We use the same basic principles, in varying degrees of complexity, so that potters can start at any age and develop at their own pace in their own direction. As such, classes for children are organized loosely by age groups, and are separate from adult classes. See the Clay Classes page for more details and to register for a class.

Take chances, make mistakes, get messy.
— Ms. Frizzle ('The Magic Schoolbus')

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